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 03-03-2008 until 03-03-2022
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V.I.P Access

Thanks for joining MazdaSpeed Forums! Im excited to bring you more on the site. The donations system has been initiated and ill give you a breakdown on how it works.

What is the Donation System?

Donation's are collected and go to the server costs of operating the site if you choose to help. I don't use this to pay my personal bills and buy parts for my car! If you do not want to see ads on this site, ruining your experience, then i suggest you make a donation. We have been going strong for almost 4 years without ads and intend to keep it that way.

What's the minimum amount i can donate?

$25 is the minimum you can donate and lasts for one year on the date of your last donation.

What does the donation give back to me?
  1. Besides providing you a nice community, you will receive VIP Access that gets you into the Photo/Video Gallery & VIP Lounges. You get larger storage for the Photo/Video Gallery than those who are only registered users.
  2. VIPs get access to the for sale sections.
  3. VIPs get special access to file downloads as they become available.
  4. VIP access also comes with a special titles depending on your donation level and activity.
  5. Access to enter raffles in which prizes will be rewarded. Non VIP members do not have access to entering these raffles.
  6. Bonus Casino Money & Unlimited Cash Resets
  7. More rewards as they become available!

Ok, well, how do i donate than?

2 Ways... the first will be clicking on the donation banner you see on the site. Second, the donation tab on the forum navbar.

How long does it take to get my status after i donate?

If you are using paypal with a credit card, the access is instant. If you choose to use an echeck, expect a 3-5 day delay before the check clears to get moved to the VIP group.

If you have any problems, question's or need help, dont hesitate to send me a PM or an email. Thanks and enjoy the forum!

Originally Posted by Mazda3Revolution
An intro thread on MSF is like your first day at a State Corrections facility. "Your gonna get tested".
MSF -The HARDCORE Of Mazda High Performance Tech!
Flex Limited Ecoboost - Not Stock

Gen1 MS3 - COBB FMIC V2.0 | COBB SRI | COBB AP Stage 2 W/MSF_V1.08y | COBB 3" Downpipe | COBB CBE | Devil's Own Stage 2 Meth Injection | AST 4300 Coilovers | Haltech Fuel Pump Internals | Rota Torque 18x8 w/ 235/40/18 | ACT 6 PUCK Sprung/Streetlite
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